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HydroStop™ is a brand of GAF


Please visit the official GAF website for product & technical information: has been tailored to support South Florida contractors, distributors, consultants & design professionals with HydroStop™ training events in accordance with Florida Building Code & Miami-Dade NOA's.


Miami-Dade Product Approvals (NOA)

NOA# 16-1222.13 - PremiumCoat® "Roof Maintenance Coating" System

NOA# 18-0321.08 - PremiumCoat® System over Lightweight Concrete Decks

NOA# 18-0321.09 - PremiumCoat® System over Concrete Decks

NOA# 18-1105.04 - PremiumCoat® System over Wood Decks

NOA# 18-0321.10 - PremiumCoat® System over Steal Decks

NOA# 19-0226.06 - PremiumCoat® System over Recover Decks


NOA# 17-0619.07 - United Coatings™ Unisil and Unsil HS Roof Coating Systems

NOA# 19-0325.08 - United Coatings™ Roof Maintenance Systems 

NOA# 19-0207.07 - GAF TopCoat Roof Membrane and Maintenance Systems

NOA# 18-0119.11 - TOPCOAT® Waterproofing

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