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BarrierGuard® System

BarrierGuard® System is designed for waterproofing all types of masonry surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels, exterior basement walls, retaining walls and moisture-retaining structures such as cisterns and concrete shrubbery boxes.


The BarrierGuard® System mixed with Water and Portland Cement (Type I) and fully reinforced with PremiumCoat® Fabric, it forms a hard-wearing flexible compound. It is also resistant to standing water and ideal for subterranean waterproofing.

Recommended Uses: 


  1.  Planters and Water Tanks.

  2.  Abrasion-resistant layer for decks and walkways.

  3.  Waterproofing foundation walls

  4.  Waterproofing basements

  5.  Lining water-retaining structures

  6.  Waterproofing shrubbery boxes

  7.  Waterproofing shower floors

Advantages and Benefits: 
  1. Protects masonry surfaces from water damage

  2. Will not peel off like stick-on adhesives

  3. Wear-resistant and hard to damage (cures at 6,000 PSI)

  4. Resists ponding water

  5. Resists acid rain and chemical pollutants to protect from chemical spills and fallout damage

  6. Meets V.O.C. emissions and regulations to eliminate facility downtime during installation

  7. Nontoxic formulation is safe to apply

  8. Easy application and cleanup

  9. 5-year extendable warranty means system never has to be torn off



One-part BarrierGuard®

One-part Water

Three-part Portland Cement (Type I)


When using a 5-Gallon pail:

  • Add 1-Gallon of Water

  • Add 1-Gallon of BarrierGuard

  • Add 3-Gallons of Portland Cement (Type I)


Mix with slow-speed mixer until a lump-free slurry is produced.

Apply with Brush ONLY!




Tech Data Sheet - BarrierGuard® System

Tech Data Sheet - HydroFiber

Tech Data Sheet - PremiumCoat® Fabric




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BarrierGuard® System

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