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PremiumCoat® System

PremiumCoat® System is more than a "coating" it's a Roof System

The PremiumCoat® System is recognized as a Class 1 Roof System both as a stand alone roof system and recover system over a variety of substrates.


 Your roof must exceed the highest standards for hurricane force wind resistance and solar reflectivity. You need this because it will save you thousands of dollars in reduced maintenance expense and energy consumption.


This flexible, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric designed for all roofing and flashing applications.


FM 4470 Approved, Premiumcoat® System has been put to the test. FM 4470 evaluates roof assemblies for their performance with regard to fire, wind, uplift, hail, foot traffic and water leakage. The PremiumCoat® System is an approved Class 1 roof system.

FoundationCoat & Fabric in-progress

1st coat of FinishCoat applied

2 coats of FinishCoat applied,

PremiumCoat® System completed.


/ PremiumCoat® System
/ PremiumCoat®


Value Proposition Tool to Quickly Learn and Present PremiumCoat® System

/ Cleaning Agent


HydroClean helps promote adhesion of primers and coatings to roofing substrates.

HydroClean is safe and biodegradable.

/ existing  substrates


BarrierGuard Slurry

This primer is used on concrete roofs and decks for direct to concrete application of the PremiumCoat® System.

CleanAct Primer

This primer/cleaner is used as a rinseable primer for black EPDM roofs prior to application of PremiumCoat® System

StableRust Primer

This primer is used on rusted metal


SureBond Primer

This primer is used for chalky surfaces on either roofs or walls and aspH blocker over concrete when used as specified

UniBase Primer

Designed to act as a boonding primer to enhance the coverage rate and adhesion over granulated cap sheet/modified bitumen roofing. 

Also acts as an excellent aspahlt bleed blocker

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Print-ready resource listing Hydro-Stop product coverage rates, primer descriptions, warranty requirements and warranty inspection procedures.



NOA# 11-0531.07 - PremiumCoat® "Roof Maintenance Coating" System

NOA# 13-0204.15 - PremiumCoat® System over Lightweight Concrete Decks

NOA# 13-0204.16 - PremiumCoat® System over Concrete Decks

NOA# 13-0204.17 - PremiumCoat® System over Wood Decks

NOA# 10-0720.04 - PremiumCoat® System over Recover Decks

NOA# 13-0204.18 - PremiumCoat® System over Steel Decks


HVHZ Template Form Section A&C for Hydro-Stop Maintenance NOA# 11-0531.07


Florida Product Approval

FM - Factory Mutual 4470 Approval for PremiumCoat® System

UL - Underwriters Laboratories (Fire Rating) TGFU-R26758





SP-HS-R10C ROOF - 10 Year PremiumCoat® System over Concrete (all types) 10-2011

SP-HS-R10E ROOF - 10 Year PremiumCoat® System over Existing Substrates 10-2011

SP-HS-R10R ROOF - 10 Year PremiumCoat® System over Rigid Insulation 03-2013

SP-HS-R10S ROOF - 10 Year PremiumCoat® System over Standing Seam 10-2011

SP-HS-RECT ROOF - 10 Year PremiumCoat® System Recoat 082911



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